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Sales Effectiveness Audit

How does your sales team connect and interact with Finance, Marketing, Operations and other business divisions? Find out how making connections and creating culture within your organization can change everything.

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  • "Your workshop was awesome! I learned a ton and used your tips and techniques immediately in my sales presentations."

    - Kevin Buchanan, Sales Executive - Beckman Coulter
  • "Anyone can give a seminar, what Ravenwood Consulting does is deliver a foundation which you can build upon with or without his help. I recommend you do it with his help."

    - Scott Banks, President - White Knight Engineered Products
  • "I have been to very few trainings recently that I thought were worthwhile and delivered the promised value. Yours was a clear exception."

    - Jack Johnston, Director Talent Management - Shaw Group
  • "We've had a few different modules with our Leadership Academy and by far, yours has been the most valuable to me."

    - Adam Floyd, Broker - Coldwell Banker
  • "Thanks again for a very insightful class. It's nice to walk out of a training session and know you have actionable tools."

    - Dennis Meek, Sales Manager - Honeywell
  • "I wish to express my deepest thanks for providing our team with the DISC Assessment training here at Bank of America's meeting and events' department. We gained valuable perspective from your insightful contribution!"
    - Ted Johnson, Director - Bank of America/BCD
  • "Ravenwood Consulting is a gifted communicator, presenter and strategic business developer. He is highly intuitive - with great instincts around people and approach."

    - Theresa Ulyatt, VP, Strategy and Talent - Nouveon Consulting
  • "Ravenwood Consulting has a great understanding of our business and can tailor his training message so that he connects with each person in the room. He successfully navigates the training time with a nice mix of styles to fit all types of learners."
    - Steve Booz, Director of Sales - Certainteed Corporation
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Our Workshops

Our workshops introduce contemporary topics in sales and sales management utilizing state of the art blended and experimental learning techniques. This unique combination of topics of most interest to organizations with cutting edge learning techniques make Ravenwood's collection of performance workshops highly desired.

Sales Workshops

"Diagnostic Sales Strategies™"
Our core professional development curriculum offering comprehensive training for sales professionals at all levels of experience and expertise. Built on a medical metaphor concept, DSS leads participants through an exhaustive study of professional sales.

"Identifying Buying and Selling Styles Using the DISC® Behavioral Assessment"
Participants gain valuable insights into their own unique communication style preferences, communication style preferences of others, and strategies on how to adjust their style to enhance communication effectiveness.

"Value Charting™: Define Your Business by the Problems You Solve, Not the Products You Sell"
Value Charting™ takes the mystery out of assessing customer needs, and positioning a product or service to address needs by charting a five step process for delivering value to customers.

"Integrative Sales Negotiations: Get What You Want by Helping Others Get What They Want"
Too often people use the term "win/win" without really understanding what it means to them individually, to their organization, and more importantly, to their customers. ISN lays out a negotiating plan strategy ensuring both parties in a negotiation truly end up with a "win/win" solution.

"Aligning Sales and Marketing: Success Through Collaboration"
Spats between sales and marketing groups are legendary. Leaving these spats unresolved is deadly.  ASM focuses on the costs- framed in terms of lost profits- of misalignment, and presents proven tools and techniques to get the two functions back working together productively.

"Personal Effectiveness: Time's Role as a Scare Resource"
Our personal effectiveness workshop goes beyond traditional "time management" seminars to focus on personal effectiveness:  managing actions, activities and priorities, not managing time. Proven tools and techniques yield huge improvements in personal productivity.

Sales Management Workshops

"Diagnostic Sales Management Strategies™"
Our core professional development curriculum offering comprehensive training for sales management professionals at all levels of experience and expertise. DSMS engages participants in a detailed investigation of the five cornerstones of successful sales management: recruiting, training, motivating, planning and evaluating.

"Value Pricing Strategies™"
Simple "cost +" pricing models are unsophisticated and out of date. Today's competitive organizations must employ an arsenal of pricing tools and strategies to effectively capture the value they create.

"Essentials of Sales Compensation Design"
In the end, people do what they are paid to do, not what they are asked to do. ESC ensures that your compensation plan drives desired behavior, rewards top performers, and shines a light on underperformers.

Resource Allocation and Deployment
Deploying sales resources in the most efficient manner possible is an essential responsibility of sales leadership. TTM unlocks the secrets of capacity planning, territory alignment, and resource allocation.

"Constructing a Sales Performance Dashboard"
What does success look like? How are sales people measured for success? What metrics are in place to track performance against goals and objectives? How do you construct an executive level view of overall sales performance? These questions and more are answered in our "dashboard" workshop.

Communication Workshops

"Listen As If Your Very Success Depends On It, Because It Does!"
Study after study, survey after survey cites listening as the single most important skill for executive success. Yet few, if any, professionals actually receive training in this critical skill. As we say, the thing we do the most we train the least. Our effective listening workshop leads participants through an interactive study of why most people struggle with effective listening, and what they can do about it.

"Persuasive Presentation Skills: Develop Your Own Style and Voice"
A person's ability to clearly and concisely articulate their point of view is, and will continue to be, an essential leadership skill. But learning core presentation skills is only half the battle. Embedding these core skills into an individual's unique style and voice creates a proven, compelling formula for presentation success.

"Communicate With Plain Language: Write in A Language Your Customer's Understand"
We train your employees to use plain language strategies to give them the writing and thinking skills they need to produce easy-to-understand information. Using these strategies, training tools, and research results, we also create documents that are easy for your customers to read, understand, and use.